President Samuel L. Stanley's Resignation: A Timeline
A tumultuous two months for MSU leadership ends with President Samuel L. Stanley announcing his resignation on Thursday, Oct. 13, with a video message sent to the MSU community. How did we get here? 
Watch for the important dates on the eight weeks leading up to the resignation, disputes between the Board of Trustees and how the MSU community has handled it all. 
Reporting by Morgan Womack, Vivian Barrett, Amalia Medina, Wendy Guzman. Video Production by Chloe Trofatter.
MSU Swim and Dive: One year after the cut
Members of the Michigan State Swim and Dive team, that was cut in October of 2020, reflect on the decision a year later. Swimmers Sophia Balow and Kasey Venn and diver Jakob Herberling talk about their life revolving around the sport, getting the message that the program was cut and what it was like to live in limbo, eventually adjusting to their new reality. 
Video Production by Chloe Trofatter and Devin Anderson-Torrez. Part of a multimedia collaboration by Chloe Trofatter, Devin Anderson-Torrez and Jared Ramsey.
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